Kullman Lab receives collaborative NIEHS funding to study GxE interactions in medaka.

“The medaka Kiyosu panel: dissecting GxE effects of environmental chemicals”

In this proposal we have assembled an international, multi-disciplinary team to exploit a unique resource, the wild-derived inbred Kiyosu panel of medaka (Japanese rice-paddy) fish to investigate how environmental exposures have a variable impact on individuals through genetic variation Here we investigate “Gene x Environment” (GxE) effects to both quantify phenotypic changes and importantly gain mechanistic, molecular understanding of the biological pathways involved in contaminant responses in cardiovascular and skeletal toxicity.

Collaborators include:

Ewan Birney, European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Jochen Wittbrodt, University of Heidelberg

Jared Goldstone, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Seth Kullman